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  1. HatedAngel Retired Moderator Jul 27, 2017

    Quote by Tupper its been so long that now everyone i used to talk to here is now a moderator xD

    Thats kinda because everybody whose still active got premoted Dx a lot of the timw in the sb ill see nothing but blue

  2. HatedAngel Retired Moderator Jun 26, 2017

    Quote by Tupper >:D
    I is evil

    Yes you is D:< only somebody so diabolical would dare to do such a thing.
    Also i keep missing you when you get on mt D:

  3. HatedAngel Retired Moderator Jun 26, 2017

    Quote by Tupper Totally not watching from afar eating fresh baked cookies >:3

    So not only did you stood me up on our plans but you neglected to give me cookies D:< how could you!

  4. HatedAngel Retired Moderator Jun 14, 2017

    Quote by Tupper Caaaaaaaaaaaaaake

    Yes and it was chocolate cake, the best chocolate cake to ever grace existence -3- and where were you huh?

  5. HatedAngel Retired Moderator May 14, 2017

    Quote by Tupper Guess I missed out on a butt whoopen

    Yes you did, it was gr8. We had a dj for background noise to make it more epic, since you didn't show up I had to beat up an audience member. There was also cake

  6. HatedAngel Retired Moderator May 03, 2017

    Meet me on my page at 2 am if you wanna butt whooping >:o

  7. Monu-chan Retired Moderator Apr 01, 2017

    Quote by Tupper I'd love to delete the older version of my drawing but I no longer know how, the option has changed since my last deletion.

    Only moderators can delete images from here. So I'll do that xD

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  8. Monu-chan Retired Moderator Mar 20, 2017

    Hello Tupper!
    I wanted to inform you that your latest indyart submission has already have "older/unfinished" version in gallery. But according to MT's rule you can keep only 1 version (other will to into alternate version).
    So now you have two choices;
    1) Keeping latest art and let me delete the older one.
    2)Update older one with finished drawing or update it as "alternate version".

    Sorry for inconvenience though. ^^;
    Nice drawing by the way! :) Hope to see more from you!

  9. minayuri Feb 23, 2016


  10. Huesin Administrator Apr 26, 2015

    Quote by Tupper Working on a few things other than halo stuff too but I need to focus on a couple because they have actually been sitting here for over a year now.

    lol a year is too much, you should finish them works as soon as you can :S

    Are you working on commissions or something?

  11. Huesin Administrator Apr 26, 2015

    Quote by Tupper I guess it's just stuck with you rofl
    And thanks again, you will most definitely see more of my work Later on so stay tuned.

    I don't think I deserve the title, but, thanks lol

    No problemo, I hope so man!

  12. Huesin Administrator Apr 26, 2015

    Quote by TupperThanks for the fave on my work Huesin-Sama

    Huesin-sama why? xD

    You're welcome Tupper bro, hope to see more of your Halo works here on MT :)

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